10 Things Millennials Should Consider Before They Hit 30


Millennials are starting to grow older and some are already adults; they are discovering that they are not immortal. I still remember the days when I thought I would live forever. Alas, I now know that my days are numbered, and so I do everything I can to stay healthy. My objective is to spend time with my family and ensure that my lifestyle is everything it can be.

What are the most important things millennials can do early on to ensure they have a healthy and happy mid and old age experience? Here are ten suggestions that will require determination, will power and self-control.

1. Fall in Love:

Loneliness is the worst possible condition. Find a soul mate with whom you can share the good and bad times and discuss your inner most and private thoughts, aspirations and fears.

2. Have Children:

Bringing up children is the singular most rewarding, happy and important aspect of being human.

3. Enjoy Your Work:

Being productive and taking care of yourself and your family financially is very satisfying. But, I am not only referring to making money. Going to work everyday, where you can think and create, will make you more fulfilled.

4. Be Healthy:

The physical aspect of life is obviously a critical issue. When you approach 30 and beyond, you must be aware of several maladies that frequently plague relatively young people: breast cancer (women), prostate cancer (men), colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease. If you are diligent, you will greatly increase your chances of living to a ripe old age. No one needs to die from any of these killers at an early age. And, every young person should practice healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

5. Beware of Social Diseases: 

A wealthy and divorced friend of mine told me that there is a 100% chance that a person will contract an STD if they “play the field.” Even if this guy is half correct, the world is a scary place sexually. Be careful, use protection, choose your sexual partners wisely and be monogamous if you can.

6. Give up Drinking Alcohol and Using Illegal Drugs:

I know this is a tall order for some young people, but it is very important to consider what could happen if you do not. Alcohol and drugs are a huge contributor to bad marriages, unsatisfying careers, domestic violence and unhappiness in our country. Additionally, both habits are dangerous to your health.

7. Be Philosophical: 

I am not an organized religion kind of a person, and yet, I find comfort in contemplating mortality, ethics, social justice and so on. Being deep makes you more interesting.

8. Be Empathetic:

Give a panhandler a buck; it would make you feel better. Contribute to worthy causes. Do community service. They are self-less and charitable acts, but they very rewarding experiences.

9. Stay in Touch with Family:

Families can be a pain in the ass (especially in-laws, only kidding). In the long run, they may need you or you may need them. Family and close friends are the most important safe havens for all of us.                                                                                           

10. Be Social:

Build friendships, be friendly and you will  be happier. Humans are social animals.