Your 9 Favorite Children's Books, Hilariously Ruined


We all have fond memories of the books we read as kids. Who doesn't get a wave of nostalgia thinking about Dr. Seuss' whimsical rhymes? Or all the colorful food the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate? Those stories evoke innocence and wonder; they capture the essence of childhood.

Naturally, there's no better way to recall those feelings than by drawing up hilariously lewd and deeply inappropriate versions of our favorite childhood books. Powered by the hashtag #RuinAChildrensBook, hundreds of Twitter users have posted Photoshopped covers of childrens' books that re-imagine them for a more adult audience.

That's a nice way of saying there's a lot of potty humor, politically incorrect jokes and double entendres. It's as if Judd Apatow or the College Humor staff were unleashed on the children's section of the bookstore.

More often than not, the results are hilarious. You'll be surprised at how disgustingly even the most innocent of books gets treated (really? Arthur?) It seems an oddly appropriate way to commemorate your childhood: Remembering your favorite books with a dash of adult perspective. If it makes you feel old, well, you're still immature enough to enjoy it. 

1. 'The Berenstain Bears'

Image Credit: Twitter

The Berenstain Bears taught us countless life lessons from the importance of honesty to the virtues of eating healthy. This lesson might be just as important. 

2. 'The Little Engine That Could'

Image Credit: Twitter

It's a timeless tale of determination and self-esteem — actually, forget it. Screw this mountain. 

3. 'Arthur'

Image Credit: Twitter

Arthur the Aardvark was a smart, well-behaved kid. Who would've predicted his descent into madness?

4. 'Oh, The Places You'll Go!'

Image Credit: Twitter

This is Dr. Seuss' seminal ode to the possibility of life. This is certainly a lewd — not to mention depressing — version of the story.

5. 'Horton Hears a Who'

Image Credit: Twitter

In which the kindly giant's darker side is revealed. Seuss soiled, yet again.

6. 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Image Credit: Twitter

Ok, this one was asking for it. It's not a stretch to have Maurice Sendak's coming-of-age story take on a slightly different tone.

7. 'The Whales Go By'

Image Credit: Twitter

Book-ruining gets political. Haven't you seen The Cove?

8. 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie'

Image Credit: Twitter

This is just brilliant. Let's get the My First Heisenberg series off the ground.

9. 'Why Mommy Poisoned You'

Image Credit: Twitter

OK, so this is just plain creepy. Will kids be the only ones to get nightmares?