Ron Paul Forming His Own Party as Obama and Romney Join Forces


With the party conventions and the 2012 presidential elections inching closer and closer, the media has been reporting on the constantly changing horse race between former Governor Romney and President Obama in great detail with weekly national polls, petty arguments between the candidates, and the vetting of each other’s pasts. Fed up with this coverage and the lack of attention to the real issues facing America, Obama and Romney have stunned the country today in announcing to join their campaigns and run together.

“The governor told me that he is sick of the division in the country and bickering over pointless, inconsequential issues. And in order to bring the country together and increase bipartisanship, we are joining forces,” the president told reporters over the weekend. “Romney will, of course, run as my Veep,” Obama continued to chuckles from the press, “but I am absolutely thrilled to have his advice, guidance, and counsel.”

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) sounded youthful as ever, saying, "I have applauded Obama’s willingness to use military intervention around the globe in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Syria. And with Romney’s promises to increase the military budget by $8 trillion, Iran is next.” McCain spoke as he had his arm around Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.).

“Instead of bickering over emotionally powerful, but minor, issues, we have two statesmen joining forces to allow the Fed to have unaccountable power to print money, bailout banks and politically-favored industries, devalue the currency, and manipulate interest rates,” Bernanke said as he left his office on Sunday.

“Our coalition does not agree on everything, but we agree on what matters: and end to the American empire and a restoration of civil liberties.”