Watch as 'Game of Thrones' Fans Try and Explain the Plot in Under 10 Seconds


Danger: Some Game of Thrones (minor) plot spoilers. 

Game of Thrones is complicated. Like, really really complicated. If you had, in the show's hiatus, forgotten just how complicated it is let's for a moment revisit one person's mind-boggling project to tab every single death in the book series.


Now do you remember?

The fourth television season of HBO's Game of Thrones is nearly upon us (April 6, mark your Gcal). In preparation for this momentous event, Mashable checked in with die-hard fans of the series to see if they could "summarize the show in 10 seconds or less."

This is no easy feat, as the tabs attest: We are three seasons into this rabbit hole of a show, the books (cumulatively) are thousands of pages long and IMDB's character list of the series is more jam packed than most people's contact list. The goal of summing up the show in under 10 seconds is a challenge that only the most devoted of fans can master. Check out these attempts. Do we smell a new drinking game?

Impressively, a few of the fans can pull off the challenge in just a couple of seconds ("unexpected carnage," "everyone dies") but a fair number get caught in the nitty-gritty. (Note: Anyone who actually tries to explain the characters or their development fails to get in under the time limit.)

If explaining the first three seasons of the show seems hard, just wait until Season Four.

If you can master the challenge, you deserve a beer. Let the new drinking game begin.