15 Photos of Greece's Beautiful Underground Graffiti Scene


Graffiti is an ancient Greco-Roman art form, dating back to the days when people carved marble messages of anything from political protest to hilarious butt jokes. Now a modern iteration has taken over Greece, where a flourishing international community of graffiti artists has transformed the urban landscape.

Not only does Greece have lax anti-graffiti laws, there's also a big demand for commissioned work. Some of the artists are even graduates of Greece's top fine-arts schools and are utilizing their classical background in new, innovative ways.

In Athens, neighborhoods such as Exarchia have become the center of anti-police and anti-government protests. The anarchist rise against fascism and right-wing politics has inspired some of the works below.

Here are 15 works of graffiti art that adorn the walls of Greece:

1. "Athens Burning" by WD

2. "Sleep" by STMTS

3. "Killah P"

The portrait honors rapper Killah P, who was allegedly murdered by the fascist Golden Dawn party.

4. "capture" by WD

5. "Access Control" by iNO

6. A building front by Alex Martinez

7. Artist Fikos at work

8. "Superman" by Alexandros Vasmoulakis

9. "Moment" by STMTS

10. A work protesting the invasion of Ukraine

11. A work by Alex Martinez

12. "System of a Fraud" by iNO

13. A work by Pavlos Tsakonas

14. A work by iNO

15. A work by Sonke