Ever Wonder What Marilyn Monroe Looks Like Putting Sunscreen on Tupac? This Ad Shows You


We've all heard the myths: Elvis never died, Tupac is alive; they're just in hiding, waiting for the right moment to re-emerge. But we didn't realize that there was a Dutch beer company paying such close attention to these theories:

Keep in mind the following: These stars really are dead. This is an ad from a Dutch beer company called Bavaria. Marilyn Monroe was not alive when Tupac was alive. This beer is a pink-hued, grapefruit-flavored beer.

The super bizarre clip features Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee doing the respective cliches you'd associate with them even if you didn't speak English. An aging Monroe, ever the flirt, rubs sunscreen onto Tupac's "Thug Life"-tatted tummy. Cobain dons his white mod sunglasses to trade guitar riffs with John Lennon. Elvis says "thank you" seductively. The ad gets an A for American cultural literacy.

Where it fails, though, is good taste. The ad is absolutely absurd, irreverent and bound to incite a bit of backlash from at least one of these celebrity's estates. Then again, nobody ever lets these celebrities rest. Fans have been doing strange things to pay tribute the memories of these stars for ages. Dr. Dre revived Tupac in hologram form and programmed him to rap words he never uttered in real life. To this day, people still make livings as Elvis impersonators and live inside Elvis shrines.

And of course people have re-imagined Marilyn Monroe as a Lego figure:

So this Dutch beer ad is mighty weird, but not unexpected. There will always be those artists who make an indelible mark — the few we can't forget.

But it would still be a nice gesture if companies didn't try to exploit them in order to sell their shitty, fruity beers.