SpaceX's Successful Launch is the Beginning of a Free Market Travel Revolution


Stars, black holes, time warps, planets, and eclipses; all of these are some of the most beautiful, and complex puzzle pieces in our galaxy. They are enchanting, indescribable and above all, billions of miles away. Is that perhaps why the private company, SpaceX, is trying to reach them? As human beings most of us want what we can’t have, and that is shown in the field of space exploration; truly one of the last unexplored frontiers. SpaceX is looking to be one of the first private companies to pioneer space travel and change the average person's interaction with space.

It’s hard to imagine what life will be like in the future, we all have visions of flying cars, jet packs, and soaring through the universe. But could all of that be just around the corner? It’s possible. As galactic travel has now become privatized the opportunities for space travel will increase. Space travel is not just for the astronaut anymore, space is not just for exploration and research, it’s for travel and adventure.

Many might complain about space travel becoming privatized by citing corporatism, but there is a very weighty difference between crony capitalism backed by the hand of the government – think Enron – and the liberty found in a truly free market.

Not only is the monopoly of the government holding us back in space exploration but the reality is, we already have privatization in flight travel. Ever since the Wright brothers first took off, flight has been a free market adventure. From blimps, to helicopters, to airplanes, and missiles; ingenuity, creativity, and business savvy mix to make travel faster, simpler, and easier.

With cars endless hours are wasted in getting from one place to the other and all of this frustration and waste is at the hands of an inefficient and clunky bureaucracy (think the DMV).  With free market flight, e efficiency and time with loved ones increase, and dare I say it, we might have shorter workdays? With this type of ingenuity, what could be the next stop?

The goal of Space X is to change the way we fly, and with the man who cofounded PayPal, Elon Musk, behind it, it may not only happen but become bigger than our wildest dreams.

Musk is using the free market to bring alternatives to traffic and bureaucracy, and not only does the free market provide the outlet for adventures like this, but it also provides an opportunity for customer feedback and solutions. PayPal revolutionized online payments, what is Space X going to do to space travel?