Watch 25-Year-Old Jon Hamm Get Rejected on a Dating Show


Your love life is faltering? You've decided to go on a dating show to find your match? You are rejected by said match on said dating show? You'd never believe it, but the exact same thing happened to Jon Hamm. There is hope yet, flailing romantic.

Footage has been found of a 25-year-old Hamm appearing, and being harshly rejected (by a woman who probably thinks of this moment with daily regret), on the '90s dating show The Big Date. Skip to 3:21 to see young Hamm in all of his mid-20s glory. 

The premise of the segment involves Mary looking for "a sexy, hot man who's honest." She has three men to chose from, one of whom is Hamm. Hamm's explanation of how he makes a lady feel special on a date is pretty memorable: "Start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, and end it with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity." Fabulous. 

While the video is worth a watch just for a heartwarming laugh, the true takeaway here is that even if your twenties are defined by a less than dream job (waiter), a dicey haircut (the shaggy bowl) and a one-adjective mantra, you can still grow up to have a wildly successful career and romantic life.

So have a watch, have a chuckle, and feel the hope. Jon Hamm didn't even get his big Mad Men break until 11 years after this dating show segment was shot. Who says you have to have life figured out in your 20s?