Rapper Got a Hashtag Tattooed on His Face So He Can Be "Trending 4 Ever"


Hitting gold on social media is far from a straightforward science. But it's essential for young musicians, and artists have to experiment and take risks to find just what goes viral.

Unfortunately, British rapper Dappy just took one of the dumbest and most absurd social media risks ever. He got a hashtag tattooed on his face.

Dappy inked the # right underneath his right eye, a place where many rappers sport tear drops to signify how many people they've killed, how many prisons sentences they've served or — if the justice system is in good shape — both! Dappy is now officially a prisoner of the social network.

The stunt is just one more instance in a long line of humiliating promotional moves for Dappy, whose music has really never been a big part of the equation. A lot of his recent fame comes from his participation in the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother, where he placed second. Check out this clip of him getting comfy in the house's golden lion throne while flirting with his housemates and having deep discussions about finger banging.

It's clear from the clips and his tweets that the man has a sense of humor. His antics and his hashtag tattoo are absurd, but the boy knows how to work with his absurdity.

There's only one problem with his plan. Twitter might be getting rid of Hashtags in the near future. So soon he may just have a pound sign tattooed to his face. Still, it's a statement alright.