Rand Paul Helps Shape Kentucky GOP Primary Results, Highlighting His Power

Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie won the Republican primary in Kentucky's 4th Congressional District Tuesday night, in yet another race in which Tea Party forces clashed with (and defeated) the GOP establishment.

Massie was endorsed by Tea Party darling Rand Paul.

Just after 8:05 p.m., with 73 percent of precincts reporting, Massie was leading his closest rival state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington 45% to 29%, with Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore in third place at 17%.

Since Webb-Edgington had the early endorsement of retiring GOP Rep. Geoff Davis and the help of some of his old staff, Massie’s victory is largely seen as a repudiation of the more traditional wing of the Kentucky GOP.

Massie, the Tea Party favorite who also received support from outside allies including a local super PAC, will almost surely be the next member of Congress from that seat, as Kentucky’s 4th District is considered safely Republican (it gave Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., over 60 percent of its presidential vote in 2008).

Following are the partial results for all Kentucky primary races:

(*) Projected Winner

GOP President

Mitt Romney – 67%  (*)

House District 3 – Dem Party

John Yarmuth – 87% (*)

House District 4 -- Dem Party

William Adkins – 69% (*)

Thomas Massie – 46% (*)