Sarah Palin-Inspired Teen Blogger Receives Death Threats for Anti-Gay Marriage Video


Madeleine McAulay is, in many ways, an exemplary American teenager. 

At 16, she’s a "one-of-a-kind, politics-obsessed teenager dedicated to the fight for America’s future” who keeps herself busy by writing for her own blog as well as contributing to conservative staples such as Big GovernmentBig Hollywood and Smart Girl Politics all while obtaining "straight As" in school, according to her blog bio.

She’s also a Sarah Palin admirer, who she discovered when she had to watch the former Republican vice presidential nomanee's 2008 speech to the GOP national convention for a school assignment. 

“I was amazed that a wife and a mom could be such a power player within the political world,” the North Carolina teenager said.

McAulay jumped to national notoriety when a video supporting North Carolina’s recent constitutional amendment to define marriage between one man and one woman became a YouTube sensation, prompting praise from social conservatives but criticism (and, apparently, even death threats) from supporters of marriage equality.

The mini-Sarah Palin was then interviewed by Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy where she complained about “the hatred and the vile” as well as the “vulgar, disgusting, extreme and completely inappropriate” comments her anti-gay marriage clip received.

To be fair, one has to commend any young person's initiative to speak up her or his mind about the issues he or she considers important. It is definitely admirable than a American teenager chooses to write books and be a political activist as opposed to, say, become pregnant and star in reality television shows.  

However (and I'm going to make use of my own First Amendment rights in here), it's also sad that an American young person would hold such a regressive social views placing herself in the wrong side of history in the name of religious dogma. 

Yes Madeleine, you are in the wrong side of history. Good luck with that.