Which Tech Giant Makes the Most Money Per Second? Check This GIF


This just in: You don't make nearly as much money as a multi-billion dollar corporation.

As if you needed another reminder of Apple's sheer economic dominance, mobile payment company WorldPay Zinc created this handy graphic to illustrate just how much money leading tech companies make. The longer you stay on the web page, the more companies' revenue and profit (in most cases) increase — demonstrating just how much money they make per second.

If you stop the graphic after one second, this is what you would find:

Image Credit: WorldPay Zinc

The result: Apple is the clear winner here, making $9,213 in revenue and $1,997 in profit per second. The second place goes to Samsung, which actually makes $11,588 in revenue, but only keeps $1,540 in profit.

The other companies lag far behind, with the next-closest competitors being Microsoft and Google. Surprisingly, Amazon and Yahoo only make $40 and $26 each per second, behind companies such as HP, Ebay, Facebook and Sony. LinkedIn only makes $1 per second, while Twitter is actually still losing money. 

Watch the animation below to see the graphic in action:

Image Credit: WorldPay Zinc

What does this mean? We are clearly in a battle of the giants, with other companies struggling to make their dent in the market. But while Microsoft, Google and Facebook are doing a good job of converting their revenue into profit, others are not. HP, Amazon, Sony and Yahoo are particularly bad at maintaining profitability, keeping only a tiny percentage of their revenue.

But the biggest trouble spot is Twitter, which has been struggling to monetize itself and raise revenue. It only became profitable for the first time this February, but things are not looking up for the company: The growth of its user base is slowing down, while it's spending a lot more on expenses and overhead costs. A huge chunk of the Twitter budget is going into investments, acquisitions and research & development — and there's no guarantee that these will pay off any time soon.

Apple, on the other hand, is continuing to soar. And it didn't become one of the world's two most powerful companies for nothing. While Apple's been chided for its aggressive attention to innovation, design and thinking different, these principles have clearly paid off in spades. In fact, it's newest rumored innovation is already being talked about as the next big thing.

So while Apple's gargantuan profits might make you want to reexamine your life and your choices, rest assured that even big companies like Twitter are struggling to turn a profit. Keep on keeping on, everyone.