Iran Navy Claims Rescue of U.S. Ship: Did it Happen or Not?


Today the Iranian navy claimed that it saved a U.S.-flagged ship, the Maersk Texas, from the grips of a pirate attack in the Gulf of Oman. Maersk however denies this claim. Iran typically patrols the Gulf in order to maintain a presence against foreign threats as well as stave off pirate attacks directed at its own shipping vessels.

It is a rather strange coincidence that the Iranian navy saved a U.S. ship from trouble right at the height of talks with the P5+1. The U.S. has saved Iranian vessels before, possibly in an attempt to garner good will. It seems Iran has tried to do the same thing to possibly bolster its position during negotiations, but its efforts are incredibly transparent.

The Maersk Texas denied claims of the rescue, but did admit to Iranian contact via radio. While it is possible the rescue never happened and Iran is trying to stage a public relations stunt, it is also possible that Maersk was asked not to admit to the rescue to deflate Iran's attempts at gaining increased leverage during an ultra-sensitive session of talks.