Memorial Day Weekend Guide: Men in Black 3, Joey Ramone's New Album, and Patriotic Parades


Three-day weekends are a working-world rarity so it's time to take advantage. As you head off to, what I hope, is a weekend filled with barbecues, friends, and Americana here are a few suggestions for how to ring in this symbolic first weekend of summer. 

What to Watch: 

A massive movie weekend. For those of us who are Blockbuster-ly inclined let's feel free to devote a few hours of this weekend to saving the world with Agents J and K in Men in Black III. Absent from the big-screen for 10 years let's see what damage these guys can do over the weekend and whether or not they give The Avengers a run for their money. 

For those of us looking for something a little more art-housey also released today is Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. The movie is Cannes' most-buzzed about and promises all the quirk and charm Anderson is famous for.

What to Read:

For your weekend inspiration, check out the new book by French guerilla artist JR Women Are Heroes. JR took portraits of women in conflict zones and violent environments and turned those simple portraits into larger-that-life murals. These murals were then displayed throughout the communities where the photos were originally taken. 

What to Chat About: 

When searching for this weekend's barbecue chatter, how about starting a conversation about artist  Takeshi Miyakawa? Miyakawa did time on New York's Rikers Island this week after his illuminated I <3 NY bags, strewn around a Brooklyn neighborhood, were mistaken for bombs.


What to Listen To: 

Bad-boy crooners are back with John Mayer finally out of hiding after being musically shamed by Taylor Swift on her track Dear John. Released last Tuesday, Mayer's newest album Born and Raised promises mellow rythms and deceptively charming love songs. 

Another album out this week is Joey Ramone's (of Ramones fame) posthumous release of the album Ya Know? It's been a decade since Ramone passed away but producers and musician friends have come together to release his final unheard songs. 

What to Do: 

Take a moment to reflect on why this three-day weekend is on the calendar in the first place. Honor our fallen soldiers in your own way; whether that means raising the flag, quiet rememberance, or attending one of the countless Memorial Day parades around the nation. However you choose to spend the holiday weekend, just be sure to enjoy it.