Time For Ron Paul Supporters to Get Behind Mitt Romney


According to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Mitt Romney has obtained 1,084 out of the 1, 144 delegates required to secure the nomination for president of the GOP. Ron Paul, on the other hand, while continuing to “rack up delegates,” has 119 out of 1,144. How, I ask you, how, are there still delusional Ron Paul fans that believe that he could be the Republican nominee for president?  It is time for those who desire the end of the Obama administration to rally around the candidate who actually stands a chance of ousting the current President: Mitt Romney.

We have all enjoyed the Ron Paul revolution, but enough is enough. It is starting to get a little sad now.  The Ron Paul fan club is undeniably admirable for their unquenchable spirit and steadfast faith in a principle. However, at this point, that is all that is left: a principle. There is no longer hope for the radical change of a Ron Paul presidency, so the time has come to make a decision: live in the real world and vote for the lesser of two evils (in what I am assuming is your opinion, Ron Paul supporter), or to continue to tout an ideology and allow President Obama to secure another four years in the White House.

Sticking behind the fallen Paul will, in fact, secure another term for Obama. Since, as every significant scrap of data shows, Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee, the only way that one can continue to stick with him in the voting booth is if he runs as a third party candidate. You will vote for Ron Paul while most other Republicans who do not like Obama possibly just as much as you will vote for Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee. This will, in consequence, split the Republican vote and hand over the victory to a unified Democratic Party. Some discontented and disillusioned Democrats may hop the fence and join you in a Paul vote, but most of them would likely rather see the Obama presidency run its course than vote for a Libertarian. No true Democrat, believing in big government, could possibly bring him or herself to vote for Ron Paul. So Paul as a third party candidate will only hurt the Republican Party.

So what can you, devoted Ron Paul fan, do? You can be true to your party and accept defeat gracefully. You have shown the world that Dr. Paul and his message are not to be taken lightly. You have exposed many significant flaws in the mainstream media. You have stood up for your beliefs in the Middle East, shown true economic prowess of which Austria would be proud, and fought until the bitter end. There is much to be proud of. But there is another man out there who could really use your help.  He is your only hope to get rid of Obama. His name is Mitt Romney. Who knows? If you took the time to get to know him, maybe you would like him.