Texas Primary Results: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Don't Resonate With Texan Republicans


I can only speak for one conservative, fourth-generation native Texan (fiscally and behaviorally conservative, but in no way socially conservative). But I, along with many of the people whose families have been around as long or longer than mine, am aghast at how the GOP we grew up with has changed radically. The Republican party's inability to master basic arithmetic threatens us with ever deeper fiscal oblivion and, on the "social conservatism" front, continues to embarrass us ever more in the eyes of the world. The GOP has discarded most of the traditions that we once thought were part of the (perhaps ego-centrically) living myth that our families slowly, and conservatively, left as their legacy.

PolicyMic (PM): Mitt Romney is likely to clinch the GOP nomination with a victory tonight, but is anyone excited about him in Texas?

David Kusin (DK): No one is excited about Mitt in Texas, including those driving his campaign.

PM: What's the mood for Ron Paul in his home state?

DK: Ron Paul is a know-nothing cypher. He has no clue about what would happen the day after his hated Fed is shut down.

PM: Do you predict Ted Cruz will defeat David Dewhurst? If so, what does this say about the rise of the Tea Party this year?

DK: Dewhurst will  round one but will face Cruz. If Cruz wins, you can inject all I said in my preamble with another dose of steroids. My personal major disappointment is Tom Leppert. He and I were in business school together, and he was educated far better than his campaigning indicates. He actually knows the endless fallacies of what he espouses. Shame on him.

PM: What are the other races you'll be watching (i.e. Ralph Hall and Silvestre Reyes)?

DK: Ralph Hall is indicative of what has happened to Texas. His district, the 4th, was once the First Congressional District of Texas, the seat of the legendary Democrat Wright Patman, a guy my Republican father and grandfather were happy to support. If Mr. Patman had been alive and Chair of the Banking Committee during the Reagan and second Bush administrations, the fiscal mismanagement that created the current debacle would never have happened. Ralph Hall is another cypher. My mother, Queen of the East Texas GOP, would never have even had him in her home.

PM: Are there any other local factors that could play a role about how many people vote, like the weather or traffic?

DK: The level of vitriol coursing through the veins of the so-called current day Texas Republicans will determine the number of votes cast. The Democrats, away from Dallas County, are a whipped, disspirited lot, sadly.

PM: Describe the radio, television, and web ads that are playing.

DK: The radio, television, and web ads are an intellectual affront to any informed, thinking person who is interested in issues and logic.