Why Do We Black People Still Intimidate You So Much?


Since at least 1619, black Americans have been viewed as nothing more than cash cows and entertainment for a number of white Americans. Though there have been countless white Americans who have fought and died side by side with blacks for equality, many white Americans still feel that blacks are inferior. You would think that after all this time, people would learn that we’re all human. As a citizen of the human race, I believe it’s about time that all of this hatred ceases. In my 26 years on God’s beautiful earth, I have been stereotyped, underestimated, and talked about because of the race God chose to make my ancestors and me. It wasn’t until yesterday that I truly felt that I’d had enough of the sheer ignorance that many Americans display.

We’ve all heard stories of racism in the past, but little do people realize that racism is still alive and well in 2012. Even after hip-hop culture has taken over the globe and all races have been meshed together thanks to our generation, there are still people who have the nerve to feel superior even though we all bleed red. 

Recently, in my corner of the country, the white supremacist group Aryan Nations has fought tirelessly to start a new world headquarters in Converse, LA, which is just south of my hometown of Shreveport. Morris Gulett, the group’s leader, told KSLA News 12 that, “Blacks by and large aren’t as intelligent as Anglo Saxons.” He also called blacks “mongrels.” It’s people like this that keep the development of the human race under the feet of evil. 

Some people are, what I like to call, undercover racists. They secretly don’t like those of other races, but they act as if they get along just great with everyone. Usually their true colors don’t show until something happens to bring them out and then they’re exposed for the racist that they are. I am always amazed by how people can long to send me, or any black person, back to a "home" many of us have never even been to: Africa. How can anyone say that black on black violence is the result of marijuana usage when it’s been proven that whites smoke and sell more marijuana than blacks, but blacks are usually always punished for it? Black on black violence is the product of many things, but I don’t believe that marijuana usage is one of them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the ignorance that some adults have harboring inside of them. I’m tired of people believing we’re less than adequate just because of our pigment. You would think that with all the strides blacks and other minorities have made over the years, (even having a black president,) that we as a people would have proven ourselves, so to speak. As much as it pains me to hear such words uttered, it sort of makes me wonder, “Do we as a people intimidate you that much?” I’m the complete opposite of what you expect me to be. In the end, racists prove their own ignorance.