Obama vs. Romney on Twitter: Data Proves Social Media is Critical For Successful Campaigns


These days, presidential candidates are taking to social media to sell their campaign to voters. On Twitter, Obama and Romney are working hard to gain supporters and followers. While the number of Twitter followers ultimately is not a factor in electing a president, the interaction and communication which a candidate has with voters and supporters is key.

While Obama may be more tech-saavy than Romney, Obama is also reaching out to his supporters. Most tweets sent out by Obama are via his supportive team and campaign that works to reach out to voters on every level. Romney is doing the same, however, the engagement which he has with his supporters is not so easily translated to the online world where most of the voters are.

The communication and interaction on sites like Twitter will only help a candidate to grow in popularity. To get the most support from people of all ages and demographics, it is best to utilize the element of social media. Most young people are on Twitter and read their news and politics online. More people can get involved in a particular campaign, if there was more of an online presence by candidates.

Both Romney and Obama are working with their campaign to increase influence on social media. On Twitter the conversation can turn into real conversation, which can spark debate and creative discussion. A Mashable article noted that the key to a successful political campaign on Twitter is engagement and this could not be any more true. 

Some big take-aways:

- Romney has half a million followers, Obama nearly 15 million.

- Nearly half of Obama's followers live outside the United States.

- Obama has the richest foloowers.

- Obama has nearly double the amount of female followers. 

Infographic from Mashable