Texas Primary Results: Sorry Ron Paul, Mitt Romney is the 2012 GOP Nominee


On Tuesday the Texas primary came and went, delivering a massive win for the Mitt Romney campaign. More than just another notch in his primary belt, this win in Texas was particularly important. This was the victory he needed to surpass the 1,144 total delegates to lock up the GOP nomination.

Despite claims that Ron Paul still has a chance to walk away with the nomination in Tampa, despite only having a fraction of the delegates that Romney has, it’s time to admit that the semi-finals are over.

Now it’s time for the main event. Romney’s detractors have been doing their best to paint the former Bain Capital executive and Massachusetts Governor as Obama Jr. While their clever YouTube videos are cute, they don’t reflect the truth. Romney and Obama are two totally different candidates.

Is Romney the most conservative person to ever run for president? No. Is he a conservative? Yes. Will he lead the country on a better path? Hell Yes.

President Obama would love to let the majority of the Bush tax cuts expire, effectively dropping a bomb on the fragile U.S. economy. Romney would implement a 20% across the board tax cut, as well as eliminate the Death Tax and repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Obama proposed a budget that would effectively eliminate the D.C. school voucher system. Romney would be a champion for increased school choice, a reduced Department of Education, and holding the teachers' unions accountable. During his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney vetoed a bill that would put a moratorium on new charter schools. 

President Obama has tried his best to put the Keystone Pipeline on the backburner, and has wasted millions upon millions of dollars into green energy follies like Solyndra. Romney would green light the Keystone Pipeline, amend the Clear Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide from its purview, and open more American energy reserves for development.

During the failed Green Revolution in Iran in 2009, Obama effectively stayed silent while the Iranian regime crushed the public opposition that was crying out for Obama’s support. Romney would call for a fifth round of tougher sanctions and commit to completing a fully capable missile defense system on time.

Romney has said he would label China a currency manipulator. Obama effectively told him to be ‘nice.’

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, after seeing it passed through the House of Representatives at midnight on a Sunday without a single Republican vote. Since the passage of the bill, the Obama administration has granted close to 1,200 waivers from the 'popular' law to friendly businesses and unions. 

Romney has promised to issue an executive order granting a waiver to all 50 states on his first day in office. After that, he has promised to work with Congress for a complete repeal. Romney has also promised to limit the federal standards on both private insurance and Medicaid coverage, as well as work to cap non-economic damages in malpractice lawsuits.

Romney has publicly supported the Ryan Plan and Cut, Cap, and Balance. Obama’s latest budget did not receive a single vote in either the House or the Senate.

The differences only continue. Romney is a fan of free-markets who made his living in venture capitalism. President Obama and his campaign have labeled Romney a ‘Vampire Capitalist,’ all the while ignoring the fact that Jonathan Lavine, one of the senior professionals at Bain Capital, is one of Obama’s biggest bundlers.

Perhaps for some, Romney is not the perfect candidate. He has been a Governor, a successful businessman, and he turned around the 2002 Olympics. Some have said that he is one of the most qualified people to ever seek the presidency. However, his vision offers a stark contrast with the one we have seen implemented by President Obama. After the damage Obama has done to America over the past few years, it will take more than one term from one man to undo it all.

American could do a lot worse than Mitt Romney. It can also do much better than President Obama.