Ron Paul Will Storm GOP Convention, Plans 100,000 people at 'Ron Paul Fest'


Ron Paul supporters have revealed a plan to organize a "Ron Paul Festival" at the Republican National Convention which will take place in Tampa, Fla., during the week of August 27, 2012.

The anticipated convention is the event where delegates of the Republican Party are expected to choose the party’s nominees for President and Vice President, with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney poised to be nominated at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

But Ron Paul supporters are planning to “crash the party” with their recently announced "Ron Paul Festival" in which fervent fans of the libertarian icon will hold rallies, speeches and entertainment at the Florida State Fairgrounds (not far from where the convention will be held).

Festival organizer Bryan Siemon said that he hopes the more than 100,000 Ron Paul supporters expected to attend the festival in Tampa use the Fairgrounds venue to “get all the yelling and screaming out” in time to get into the convention and follow Ron Paul’s “calls of civility and respect for their political adversaries.”

Though it is not yet confirmed, it’s been rumored that Ron and Rand Paul themselves would address supporters at the festival if the turnout exceeds indeed the 100,000 number.

Republican Party officials and Mitt Romney supporters and surrogates have expressed concern that the festival may lead to protests on the street and even on the convention floor by disillusioned Ron Paul supporters who would refuse to recognize and support Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for president, effectively unchaining a revolution likely to break the Republican convention.