The Highest and Lowest Paid Jobs in America, in One Really, Really Ridiculously Long Chart


The news: Graduation season is almost over, but for new grads with freshly inked diplomas, there is one big worry looming in their minds: finding a job.

Everyone from President Barack Obama to BuzzFeed quizzes have shared their two cents about the best major to pursue in college. But for the cash-strapped student planning on graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, cold hard cash might be a bigger motivating factor than spiritual fulfillment. In that case, you are in luck: a helpful Redditor has ranked 820 U.S. occupations by their annual mean wage and the chart below can be a handy reference for what field you might want to pursue.

As to be expected, health care professions are clustered at the top, while jobs in the service industry are at the very bottom. Though careers in engineering might have higher starting salaries, doctors and others in the medical profession seem to have the most profitable careers in the long term.

Of course, this doesn't mean everyone should ditch their chosen field to become a doctor. Still, it's important to keep in mind what kind of opportunities are available once you graduate with your chosen degree and what kind of salary you can expect to have.

Check out the full chart below (Click here for a bigger version):