In Gay Marriage and LGBTQ Battles, Christianity is Not to Blame


Americans are already aware of politicians’ keen senses that can sway the opinions of the masses with a couple of hopeful words. Obama’s recent support for gay rights falls under this same idea. Scrutiny of Obama's gay marriage support, often involves words to the effect of, “he’s doing it to get votes —don’t fall for it.” This seems plausible. Yes, Obama is a politician, but is there a deeper explanation for the whole shebang? Aside from the typical criticism, I think there’s a lot more to be said and rediscovered about Obama's stance on gay marriage.

As a person who stands for the Bible (which condemns homosexuality as a sin against God’s natural order), but also as a person who stands for the recognition of human rights, I have struggled to find solace. It’s ungodly to participate in discrimination despite any sexual orientation, ut it’s also saddening to hear that too many in the LGBTQ community attribute their suffering to the workings of Christians. Another thing, is that I’ve heard and read comments proclaiming Christians as “old school” and “irrational” cowards -- as if we need to get on the same page with the fresh, political, era that favors homosexuality more than ever, and support the research to find proof of homosexuality.

So, how do we ever solve for equality in a country that claims secularism, but tacitly embodies biblical truths? We might never. The Bible even sheds some light on this (two opposites cannot work together); as does science — lightness and darkness cannot coexist. Therefore, the LGBTQ community should not trust “Pastor” Obama with their votes on the basis of gay rights. The State was founded on Christian principles and now, it perpetuates itself under another name to secure votes (or possibly create distractions when they’re needed most). Ultimately, Obama and the government have always played both sides of the fences. Religion is politics, and this can be read inversely.