California Primary 2012: Voters Say Only Ron Paul Could Defeat President Obama

ByReiner Bautista

Editor's note: We asked California residents to describe the mood in their home state on primary day. Reiner Bautista gives his response here.

PolicyMic (PM): Is any one excited about Mitt Romney?

Reiner Bautista (RB): We are not excited in the least about Mitt Romney. He represents the current status quo to me under a different banner. 

PM: What's the mood like for Ron Paul?

RB: I believe Ron Paul is the only one with an actual agenda to change America but the media does not like the story line of his doom and gloom so it is not marketable. But I believe he is the only person who has a chance to actually unseat the current president. I don't think Romney has a chance against Obama.

PM: What are the other races you'll be watching (i.e. House and Senate)?

RB: I feel there is likely to be a change in the House/Senate seats once again, as voters know they want a different administration overall. 

PM: Describe the radio, television, and web ads that are playing.

RB: I think the news outlets are focused on small scale bad things. There have been no reports on the big boring changes that need to happen.