Ron Paul is Both Loved and Hated in California Primary

ByLeaping Raven

Editor's note: We asked California residents to describe the mood in their home state on primary day. Robert Therriault gives his response here.

PolicyMic (PM): Is any one excited about Mitt Romney?

RT: The only “mood” about Romney is, “Oh well, I guess we have to back him since he won.”  There is no enthusiasm, and he is not the “choice” of the average person. The only people that seem to back Romney are the very old, over 60 crowd here.  They seem to be fervent supporters, though I have no understanding why. They will get out and vote, but they will not support him in any other way.

PM: What's the mood like for Ron Paul?

RT: The mood about Paul is one of love or hate. There is no in between. Those that love Paul are with him through anything and will stand with him on all his topics. Those that hate him are extreme liberals and the aged Republicans.  

Extreme liberals don’t even seem to care about the condition of the country and simply want another Obama regardless of the topic. They even will admit he lied and they don’t trust him, but will vote for him anyways. I don’t understand this thinking either, but that is what it is. 

Most of the moderate liberals like Romney enough to vote for him, though often discussion over his religious views is a hang up for them. On the other side, most moderate conservatives will vote for him with some discussion on his drug openness and absolute misunderstanding of his foreign policy. Every non-Paul supporter on the Republican side views Paul with disdain over his “isolationism,” lack of aid to Israel, and antiwar positions.

PM: What are the other races you'll be watching (i.e. House and Senate)?

RT: In the House, I’d like to see a Republican for District 14 more like the female doctor in that District that gave up her practice to represent us. In the Senate, I'd like to see anyone but Pelosi.