California Primary Results: Ron Paul Cannot Gain Traction Outside of College Students


Editor's note: We asked California residents to describe the mood in their home state on primary day. Aron Armor gives his response here.

RT: The situation in California is abysmal. The state is $16 billion in the hole, jobs are leaving in droves, and the best idea Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown can come up with is tax the rich, raise taxes, or cut funding to education. The once great state of California is a perfect case study of what not to do.

PolicyMic (PM): Is any one excited about Mitt Romney?

RT: No, I am not excited about him, however considering the alternative I'm positively ecstatic.

PM: What's the mood like for Ron Paul?

RT: Ron Paul cannot gain traction here outside of the conservative college kids and people voting on principle. At best he is a distraction, at worse he could split the vote and we'll be stuck with four more years of incompetenceblame, and darkness.

PM: What are the other races you'll be watching (i.e. House and Senate)?

RT: I'm watching the race for State Senator, however Dianne Feinstein, aka DiFi will only be ousted when she retires, and that's not even a guarantee.

God help us in the not so Golden State.