New Jersey Primary Results: Mitt Romney Claims all 50 Delegates

In an unsurprising turn of events, Mitt Romney has won tonight's Republican presidential primary in New Jersey. Romney collected all 50 of the state's at-stake delegates.

At 10:15 pm with 73% reporting, Romney held 81% of the votes with Ron Paul trailing in second place with 10% of the votes.

Tonight’s primary races left room for very little suspense or surprise. After last week’s Texas primary, Romney officially had enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination in August, and take on President Obama in November. To secure his nomination Romney needed 1,144 delegates; he already has 1,266 delegates. While New Jersey’s voice is heard, their primary date makes them too late to the game to hold large influence.

Across the country tonight five states are holding presidential primaries: New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana, and California. Combined these states have 264 delegates at stake and Romney is in a good position to claim them all.

After Tuesday the only remaining Republican presidential primary is in Utah on June 26.