The Latest 'Mockingjay' Trailer Is Absolutely Haunting

"The Mockingjay lives."

Mockingjay, the next installment of the Suzanne Collins YA spectacular The Hunger Games, continues its trend of visually arresting and immersive marketing — this time with a trailer in the form of a new announcement from President Snow. The latest announcement comes as presidential commentary on the unity of Panem — that is, until it gets interrupted by a transmission from rebel Beetee.

It's a mark of how successful the series is that The Hunger Games, now advertising for its penultimate movie, can completely discard traditional advertising material and focus purely on throwing viewers into the world of the story even in the trailer. Although the pirate broadcast from District 13 ends with the line "the Mockingjay lives," at no other point does the trailer overtly reference the series. It is immersive, guerrilla style and completely effective. 

The Mockingjay film will be the first of two halves that will, together, tell the story of Suzanne Collins' last book in her bestselling trilogy. This marketing campaign spells a very distinct change from those for the first two, which focused specifically on moments from the film and big, traditional and brazen title cards.

With such a confident look and draw on display across the entire campaign of Mockingjay so far, this is gearing up to be a fantastic realization of the much-beloved books; confident, sure-of-itself and all-in.

Mockingjay hits theaters Nov. 21, 2014.