Scott Walker Wins So Bad in Wisconsin Recall That an Angry Democrat Slaps Tom Barrett in the Face, Is Obama Next? (+Video)


She couldn’t take it anymore.

In what CNN described as “a real slap on the face for Democrats,” an indignant female supporter slapped Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett right after his concession speech at last night’s Wisconsin Recall Election in which Governor Scott Walker crushed his Democratic challenger. 

Watch below:

It must have been the year long of partisan passions and emotions stirred on both sides of the aisle by politicians and the media, following the “Scott Walker vs. The Unions” saga: a costly and largely unnecessary election which would do little to bridge Wisconsin’s (or the country’s) divisions and in which too much was put at stake by too many people.  

Perhaps, Barrett’s angry supporter was disappointed and confused as the news networks kept saying their exit polls were “too close to call” while their screens showed a sizable gap between the two candidates.

Even MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow seemed to admit that though her network had described the race as very close, big sister network NBC was getting ready to project Scott Walker as the winner. A sentiment echoed by colleague Ed Schultz who said that though NBC News would be projecting the Republicans as winners in Wisconsin, he thought the race was still “awfully closed.”

The point is that, while voters of an evenly divided state celebrated and lamented in turn the results of last night’s recall election, it is important to acknowledge that there are decent and hard working Americans on both sides of an issue, and that we must not get carried away by politicians and the media when they try to fan the flames of partisan politics.