The First Trailer for 'Unbroken' Is Everything We Could Have Hoped For

An incredible true story, a script by the Coen brothers, a score by Alexandre Desplat and direction by Angelina Jolie. The best Christmas present you could ask for might just be Unbroken, and its first trailer was released Thursday.


Based on the book by Laura Hillenbrand which in turn is based on the true life story of the recently deceased Louis Zamperini, Unbroken follows the former Olympic track star who survived a plane crash during WWII and life stranded at sea only to be captured by the Japanese and brought to a prisoner-of-war camp.

Zamperini is played by Jack O'Connell, who has made a name for himself as a skinhead and thug in This Is England, Harry Brown and Skins. The cast also features Domnhall Gleeson (About Time, Anna Karenina), Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy, On The Road) and Luke Treadaway, who rose to fame after playing the lead role in The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night Time at the National Theatre, London. 

The movie already looks to be a huge, sweeping tale of courage in the face of adversity. With a World War II setting, a fairly unknown lead, incredible visuals, an A-list team behind and a lush score, it has all the early signs of an Oscar contender.

The movie will be released on Christmas Day.