Suffering from Student Loan Confusion? Get on Twitter


Have questions about your student loans? If you feel a little clueless about financial aid, you’re not alone. A recent Young Invincibles study found two-thirds of high-debt student borrowers misunderstood the student loan process. Young Invincibles, in conjunction with, will be answering student loan questions live on Twitter via #YoungAmerChat this Thursday at 2pm ET.

With college tuition prices, skyrocketing paired with the increasing necessity of a college degree for employment, an increasing number of young adults and their parents take out student loans and pay lofty tuition prices. Unfortunately, the lack of informational resources about interest rates and loan types leave many students lost when trying to figure out which loans to take out, or which repayment plans to choose after graduation.

All week you can submit questions about student loans to @YI_Care with the hashtag #YoungAmerChat. Whether you’ve just walked across the stage for graduation, returning to school this fall, or embarking on a college education for the first time, you won’t want to miss out on this chat.