George Zimmerman Deserves Jail Time For Lying About His Finances


Last Friday, a judge ordered 28-year-old George Zimmerman back into custody after prosecutors presented jailhouse tapes of Zimmerman talking to his wife, Shelly, about the amount in his online defense fund. Ever since the judge ordered Zimmerman back to jail, donations to Zimmerman’s online defense fund have begun to significantly increase from the original $1,000 a day the fund was receiving. At the first bond hearing, Shelly Zimmerman said that since she is a full-time student and her husband is out of work that they had no money for bond. Since they lied about their income, his bond was reduced and he was able to go home once it posted.

Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara is supposed to be seeking a new bond hearing. It’s my belief that this time around, the judge should do what should have been done in the first place, there should be no bond and Zimmerman should sit in jail until trial starts in 2013. Here are four reasons why I believe George Zimmerman should have no bond set.

1) He lied in a court of law

At the first bond hearing, Shelly Zimmerman said that they were broke and she had no idea how much was in the online defense fund; at the time, the online fund actually had already raised $135,000. On April 16, the Zimmermans had a phone conversation. Within that conversation, they allegedly discuss the amount in the online defense fund. The conversation went like this:

George Zimmerman: "In my account do I have at least $100?"

Shelly Zimmerman: "No."

George Zimmerman: "How close am I?"

Shelly Zimmerman: "$8. $8.60."

George Zimmerman: "Really? So total everything how much are we looking at?"

Shelly Zimmerman: "Like $155."

When Shelly said $8.60 she really meant $86,000 which means that when she said $155 total, there was actually $155,000. Defense Attorney O’Mara said, “It’s not again like they were trying to hide the money or leave with the money. They just had it … and felt like they need to secure themselves.” They knew what they were doing was wrong. You don’t lie about your actions and use secret codes if you have nothing to hide.

2) The nature of his crime

I believe that depending upon the nature of your crime, you shouldn't be allowed to bond out. To me, giving him the option to bond out is giving him more time with his family. Trayvon and many other people will never get extra family time so why should he? In all honesty, the fact that the bond was even reduced was wrong in my eyes. Zimmerman was given options and opportunities while Trayvon had none, but that’s the justice system. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial.

3) Zimmerman needs to be treated like any other murderer

O’Mara said of Zimmerman’s going back to jail, “He didn't like it when he was there … He’s frustrated that he had to prove his own innocence.” You’re not supposed to like jail. I mean come on, it’s jail! You committed a crime and now you must lie on your bed in your 9’7” cell and face the music. I believe that even though this is a high profile case, he shouldn't get special treatment. Since a trial will take place, I believe that Zimmerman should sit in isolation until trial begins. If he’s introduced into the general population, he probably won’t make it through the night, if you know what I mean, so isolation would be his best bet. There are many people right at this very moment who are charged with second degree murder and are awaiting trial, but they have never gotten the treatment and opportunities that Zimmerman has. He killed like a killer, so he should be treated like a killer. If he can't take the heat, he shouldn't have been trying to play Robocop.

4) The defense fund is financially supporting Zimmerman, his family, and his legal team

It’s reported that of the $204,000 raised from his now-defunct website, $150,000 was under the administration of an independent third party, $30,000 was used to help Zimmerman go into hiding because of death threats after being released in April, and the remaining $20,000 was kept in cash to help with the family’s living expenses. O’Mara also started a separate website that has raised $37,000. It seems to me that the Zimmermans and his defense team already have enough to survive and people keep giving them more. I believe that if you’re donating to any fund of George Zimmerman’s, then you have to be a racist or an undercover racist. Considering the nature and details of the crime, how could you be a regular person, so to speak, and support such a man? When you heard the facts of the Casey Anthony case, did you want to help her?

 I understand that we’re all members of the human race, but members take things to the extreme. Many don’t believe that what goes around comes around, but it does. I feel it doesn't just come around for the wrong-doer, but also for those who supported the wrong-doer, especially when they know he or she is out of order.