Green Energy and Pesticides Discussed at G8 and G20 Youth Summit


The G8 and G20 Youth Environmental Committee wrapped up the discussions on the environmental issues.

Final communiqué steps concerning environmental problems are coming to an end. The number one point is to outline specific details to make global youth environmental ambassadors in their respective countries.

The core problem is to find the appropriate strategies which adjust to the changing socio-political world order but which also bring about environmental change.

In the last day of discussion, there was a consensus from the committee that green products are the solution for improving the environment.

On the subject of restructuring climate change finances, the representatives from the EU asked the question: “Where does the money come from?”

Government funding is the likeliest solution. Countries are investing in green start-up companies, with the hopes that these will soon take off. Throughout the discussions, representatives made clear their interest in phasing out non-essential pesticides, but the definition of what chemicals actually fall under the category of “pesticides” must be clarified by the G20 countries.