Mitt Romney VP Choice: Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Bobby Jindal Top Contenders


Since Mitt Romney’s advisers have suggested they’d be willing to make an early summer vice presidential pick in order to boost fundraising, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal – some of the names being tossed around for potential runner ups – have started raising their profiles (even while publicly denying they have any interest in the job).

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Rosemont, Ill., where he fired up the crowd with "the most powerful thing on our side is this: we're right, and they [the left] are wrong."

However, in a more conciliatory (and definitely more vice presidential tone) Christie praised Democratic leaders in the state of New Jersey for working with him on some reforms, while stressing the importance of “building relationships” and “realizing the limits of extreme partisanship.”

"I've always said there is a boulevard that exists between compromising your principles and getting everything you want,” said Christie in clear contrast to fellow potential vice presidential contender Kentucky senator Rand Paul who, in full Tea Party mode, said Republicans have “compromised enough” already.

“Democrats think working with us on Social Security will bring a compromise. They think we want changes to Social Security and we will agree to bring taxes up. This is wrong-headed,” said the senator who recently endorsed Mitt Romney despite the fact that his father Ron continues to be in the race.

In the meantime, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal – who was at the same event attended by Christie – channeled Wisconsin governor Scott Walker by invoking the state's recall fight (noting that he campaigned for Walker) and reminding conservatives he’s “showing off a stiff spine” with public sector unions back home in Louisiana.  

"Just like in Wisconsin the unions aren't giving up," Jindal said before showing all the enthusiasm he could muster. "I've got a message to those teacher unions: We're not giving up either," he added. 

Perhaps Romney should overlook Christie, Paul and Jindal and hire instead Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as he seems to be the Republican Party’s hero of the day.