The First 50 Shades of Grey Trailer Is Just as Steamy as You Imagined

We no longer have reason to worry about where we'll be on Valentine's Day 2015, because the answer is catching 50 Shades of Grey on its opening day. With the first trailer released Thursday, we also officially have a glimpse into the highly anticipated film. 

The film is famously adapted from E.L. James' 2011 bestseller, which tells the steamy tale of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, a college student and a businessman who enter into a BDSM relationship. Originally written as Twilight fanfiction, its success was matched only by the harsh responses to its often flimsy prose and its unhealthy depiction of the BDSM community, plus all the guessing about who would play the leads. (The answer turned out to be Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.)

The trailer keeps the bondage till the very end in a few brief snaps. Johnson as Anastasia comes off as mousy but charmed; Dornan's Christian, we learn, is possessive but handsome. The trailer leaves most of the contents up to the imagination.

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The book, which is still considered quite controversial, cornered the market on saucy reads on its release. It will be interesting to see how the long-awaited movie positions itself.

50 Shades of Grey hits theaters Feb. 14, 2015.