Beyoncé 50 Shades of Grey: Watch the YouTube Trailer Here

It's been rumored and teased for a long while now, but the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer has finally arrived in all its languorous, sensual glory. But that's not the news: A brand new Beyoncé song is tucked into the trailer. 

The Queen shared it with the world on her Facebook earlier this morning, and as with most everything Beyoncé shares, it's already trending. Entertainment writers across the Internet have been speculating on the nature of the song ever since Beyoncé posted a teaser to her Instagram, featuring only a snippet of her voice and some sexy breathing. From that clip alone, Rolling Stone predicted that the track would be a "Goth rendition of Yonce's 2003 hit 'Crazy In Love,'" a song she recorded with her then-boyfriend Jay Z. And they were, mercifully, exactly right.

Given the recently rumored (and probably false) marital drama between Bey and Jay, it's a bit of an awkward time to release a dark reinterpretation of her first solo single and their most popular love song. But there you have it.