Mitt Romney Mansion in San Diego Proves He is a Bully for the 1%


Last Wednesday, the New York Times published a front-page article detailing Mitt Romney’s expansion of his beach home in La Jolla, California.  

According to the article, this project would quadruple the size of Romney’s $12 million mansion, obscuring the narrow neighborhood road and blocking neighbors’ ocean views in the process.  

Some believe that this story was an unjust attack on the presidential hopeful and served as a mere distraction from the issues. However, after reading the article, one can see that the issues play a prominent role in the article and that Romney’s attitude towards his neighbors provides valuable insight into the person who is trying to garner your vote.

In a political climate where the personal lives of public figures can often eclipse important issues like how well they do their jobs, this article did indeed tread a fine line between substantive and gossip. However, it earned both its publication and prominence through educating voters about Romney’s stances and attitudes in a variety of extents.

Mitt Romney’s beach house expansion project represents, almost eerily, what the United States would look like with Romney at the helm. The house represents the U.S. while Romney’s neighbors represent the rest of the world.  

Romney desires to expand his home’s influence in an unapologetic manner. His house will grow and the lives within it will hopefully be improved as a result.  

However, he will push his neighbors out of the way, blocking their ocean views and stirring resentment among them. His home will definitely be the most powerful presence on the block, but it will, due to it’s size, encroach on the borders of those neighbors who had grown accustomed to a house that allowed them to operate without its looming shadow ever present.  

The house will also be heavily secured. Giant gas-guzzling SUVs will block passage in and out of fortress Romney and all those who come close will be under constant surveillance. 

Romney’s potential domestic policy also unknowingly becomes a little clearer when examining this home. The article says that Mitt can be seen pruning his hedges ever know and again. That’s good; because, Lord knows, there certainly aren’t any immigrants allowed inside the United Mansion of America to do that for him.  

This article also states that contractors asked a certain couple that lived next to Romney to sign a document forfeiting some of their ocean view. This couple happens to be gay. The audacity of asking a gay couple to surrender their view in deference to a potential POTUS, while simultaneously threatening to criminalize their union is an action taken within this domicile that echoes loud and clear actions that will be known as domestic under Mitt’s ticket.

It is a shame that the United States is not as wealthy as Mitt Romney. If we were, then we might be able to expand our influence in the same way that Romney is expanding his home. However, until then, we need our neighbors.  

Why should we believe that a president who isn’t afraid to tick off his neighbors in California would show any restraint before alienating the United States from its global neighbors? Mitt’s intrusive expansion in California may result with a rock through his window.  

His unapologetic expansion into the world may result in much worse.