Mad Men Season 5 Finale: What Happens Next?


Season 5 of AMC's wildly popular series Mad Men has been nothing short of explosive. If you watched the latest season, you saw Layne Price hang himself, Joan Harris sleep her way into a better job, and Pete Campbell learned how to cheat on his wife in secret. And the show's Sunday night finale wrapped up in a similarly dramatic fashion. But I'll offer no (at least not many) spoilers here; you'll have to watch it yourself.

Since the show has been picked up for two more seasons, however, here are a few things we may (emphasis on "may") see next season. 

At certain points in season 4, Mad Men's enigmatic main character Don Draper was forced to deal with his past as a military deserter, who accidentally killed his lieutenant and stole his identity. So far, Draper has avoided owning up to his deception. But I expect that this part of his story could play an important role in the show's final two seasons.

Secondly, it wouldn't be surprising to see Draper reunite with his former wife Betty. For the entirety of season 5, Betty Draper (or Betty Francis) was portrayed as the bitter, overweight ex-wife. But she was still a prominent character throughout the season. For this reason, and because Draper's current marriage to Megan became increasingly tumultuous as season 5 progressed, I think Don and Betty may end up together again before Mad Men is through.

And Peggy Olson will end up back at SCDP in the next season. She'll get tired of her position with her new agency, realize she made a mistake by leaving etc. 

However the individual characters make out, I expect the show to get even darker and more dramatic than it already has. Since the entire story centers around the depraved lifestyles of powerful ad executives, how fitting would it be to watch them all crash and burn in some fashion?

Also, everybody is going to drink too much and have sex with people they aren't married to in season 6. 

But predicting the story line of a popular T.V. show seems more difficult than predicting the outcome of the presidential election. So we'll just have to wait and see. Whatever happens, I'll be watching.