If You Loved Watching the Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight, You Need to See This New Video

The Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom fight

By now, most people who pay attention to pop culture have heard of the video of Orlando Bloom attacking Justin Bieber outside an Ibiza restaurant. It's been played over the news ad naseum, generating hundreds of articles and blog posts (even from the most respected news outlets), discussing everything from the long list of people who hate Justin Bieber to what the woman at the center of it all did during the fight.

But as this video went viral, it likely crowded your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed, pushing out a more truly important story.

This is the UN's Chris Gunness. He breaks down in tears while in an interview on Al Jazeera. 

Gunness, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), was discussing an Israeli air strike that killed up to 20 Palestinians at a UN school. Gaza residents were told to seek safety at the school after days of heavy bombing. An Israeli tank shelling completely demolished the building.

His emotion sums up the Israel-Palestine crisis — one that is getting worse daily. 

The death toll in Gaza is now over 1,200, and the United Nations estimates that 70-80% of the dead are civilians. A time lapse video appears to show an entire Gaza neighborhood totally annihilated after an hour of sustained air strikes.

While Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber were battling it out, this was happening — this is what real news looks like:

Bombs also fell near areas where international journalists were housed.

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