Pinterest Launches New Feature to Hook Women Users Even More


Recently Twitter and Pinterest launched email newsletters for their users, which tell them all the news going on in their feeds so they don’t miss anything. Most people may be familiar with Twitter as the site which allows people to share updates with their followers. Pinterest, as the name indicates, is an online pinboard that lets people pin things to boards based on their interests. Twitter is used by everyone of any age, however Pinterest is mostly used by women to share recipes, clothes, and more. The newsletter effort made by both companies is to try to reach out to people when they are not on the site, and to keep them always up-to-date on what is going on.

Some users may think that an email newsletter is ineffective, as most are already up-to-date with a particular site -- most people use apps for Twitter or Pinterest on their phone. A recent report released by Experian Marketing Services found that Pinterest is actually the third most visited site behind Twitter and Facebook. The idea behind the newsletters is that people become more active on the site, even when they are not on the site (which makes so much sense!).

A Buzzfeed article noted that Twitter’s processed emails could be interesting, but do people really want them in their inbox? Sometimes one just wants to escape from the craziness that is Twitter, and the email newsletter will likely just remind people to get back on Twitter. Similarly, Pinterest can be seen as an addiction for some who use it as a means of escape. The Pinterest email newsletter may become more popular as some of the people who Pinterest may not spend hours on the site and the newsletter will be a small reminder of what's going on online.

Of course, if people don't like these newsletters can always just unsubscribe.