The Latest Viral Male Fashion Trend Is the Most Bizarre Yet


Chest hair bikinis — which are exactly what they sound like — are spreading across the Internet and social media like wildfire.  The trend revolves around the hashtags #chesthairbikini and #hairbikini, and features men carefully shaving their chest hair and posting a photo online.

The origins of the trend are murky, but the Daily Mail reports that pictures of chest hair bikinis date back to 2012. What prompted this recent resurgence, which started within the past week, is similarly unclear.

Whatever the intention, men are championing the fad in a myriad of places: at bachelor parties, at the beach and, of course, in bathroom selfies. First flower beards, now selective shaving. The possibilities for the next bizarre male Internet fashion trend are endless.

Here's a look at men sporting their best hair bikinis:

h/t: Daily Mail