Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salt Attack Survivor Graphic Details Revealed (+ Photo)


Doctors from the Ryder Trauma Center, at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, have finally broken the silence surrounding the condition of Ronald Edward Poppo, the victim of the Memorial Weekend cannibal attack by “Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene next to the Miami Herald building. 

The doctors explained reports about possible holes in Poppo’s chest, confirming that these particular wounds do exist and describing them as “two puncture wounds on the left side of Poppo’s chest, where he sustained a broken rib.” Though unconfirmed at the moment, there is a possibility that Poppo’s wounds might have been the result of Miami police officers shooting at Poppo’s “zombie” attacker. Police shot and killed Eugene to stop him from chewing off Poppo’s face.

“It could have been an object. It could have been a bullet, but it’s not an issue anymore,’’ the doctors said about the wounds. In addition, Poppo, who is homeless, also suffered brain damage and he is being treated “for an infection unrelated to the facial wounds.” However, the doctors say his condition is stable. 

The doctors also confirmed that photos posted anonymously on the internet just minutes after the attack are indeed authentic.

In those pictures, Poppo’s face is “unrecognizable as human” as they were taken right after the gruesome attack. “We couldn’t make out what his features were” the doctors said.

The hospital also released new graphic photos of Poppo in which “[his] face looks intact from the mustache down” and “a gauze bandage covers his now-empty left eye socket, and a flap of his own skin protects what’s left of a damaged right eyeball.”

Poppo, who also lost his nose, is being counseled about treatment options, including reconstructive surgery.

“We’ll take it one day at a time,” he said. He’s also aware of the media attention his case has generated and has been given permission to discuss his case with the media.”

So far, he's asked to keep the television in his room turned off, unless the Miami Heat are playing.