True Blood Season 5: Jason Stackhouse Is The New Damsel In Distress [+Video]


True Blood is like Mad Men but with gender roles reversed: half-dressed men parade around flexing their muscles and getting in trouble, with humans and non-humans alike, until their strong and resolute females arrive to the rescue. 

It's a narrative set since the show’s 2008 first season where Sookie Stackhouse, the main character played by Anna Paquin, rescued Civil War-era vampire Bill Compton from a couple of vampire blood-dealers who were ready to bleed him dry (never mind the fact that Sookie is a 5’5” waitress who barely weights 100 pounds, while vampire Bill is an immortal creature with insurmountable physical and mental powers).

The pattern repeats along the show’s subsequent seasons with television's traditional gender stereotypes reversed at every turn: the head of the vampire “Authority” is a strong female surrounded by weak and sexualized men; so it's the "Queen of Louisiana" and the necromancy leader who pops up during season 3 to cast spells on the dumb (and mostly male) vampires to make them sleepwalk to their definite death in the middle of a sunny day.

And, if there were any doubts surrounding True Blood's female supremacy, the opening scene of the anticipated season 5 premiere perfectly encapsulates this dynamic.   

The scene shows Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s hunky but brainless brother (who also happens to be a cop, go figure), naked, tied up and vulnerable to the attacks of “gay vampire American” and former human pastor Steve Newlin, who is about to bite Jason when Jessica "Babyvamp" appears to the rescue showing her fangs and yelling "he's mine!" 

But what makes this shift totally awesome is the fact that it is not limited to the action sequels. As soon as Jessica gets rid of the bad guy and makes sure her human male (one of them, anyway) is safe for now, she immediatly takes off to the outside world where more exciting adventures await her, leaving Jason Stackhouse at home where he'll remain shirtless, scared and dependable. 

WATCH: Jessica and Jason's YouTube music video below (NSFW):