Hilarious New Instagram Confirms Our Hunches: Every Guy Is Wearing the Same J. Crew Shirt


Does it ever seem like every 20-something male is dressed identically? Not, like, Destiny's Child identically, in which each member wears a slight variation on the same (tacky) theme, but literally identically — as in, it seems like every dude is wearing the same damn J. Crew shirt.

Well, turns out they are. The item in question is the thatjcrewginghamshirt, a flatteringly tailored if utterly basic button-down that now has its own Instagram account. Created by keen observer (and proud J. Crew gingham shirt owner) Jonathan San, the account chronicles the shirt in all its iterations, accompanied by excellent hashtags like #gingbro.  

Men of New York City (and Instagram), you and your trite fashion choices have been put on notice. 

Thanks to thatjcrewginghamshirt, we now know just how basic the men in our lives really are... and, actually, which utilitarian clothing item we can buy the ones who don't have one yet. Gotta get it while it's hot, though — the shirt is currently on sale on JCrew.com for $64.50.