An Irish Group Destroys Arguments Against Gay Marriage With One Hilarious Video


Parodying fears that marriage equality will lead to "Armagayddon," a wasteland where straight people are trapped inside their houses? Check.

A "twist" that reveals that, actually, things will be pretty normal if gay marriage passes? Check.

A new PSA from Irish activist group LGBT Noise brilliantly hits on all these points and more: 

The segment satirizes common tropes about gay marriage — that it will cause the destruction of society as we know it, that it's harmful to children and that it threatens the sanctity of "traditional" marriage.

It comes in response to the news that a referendum for gay marriage will take place in Ireland in the spring. If the measure passes, Ireland will become the 18th country worldwide to legalize gay marriage.

Image Credit: Freedom to Marry

Attitudes in Ireland are changing. According to a recent poll by Irish broadcasting service RTE and the Sunday Business Post, 76% of respondents supported legalizing same-sex marriage in the Irish Republic, while just 19% opposed it. 

Gay marriage in Ireland, while still not legally recognized, has come a long way — the country only decriminalized homosexuality in 1993. 

Hopefully, this video continues the trend. It uses a trusty weapon — humor — to broach a serious and consequential topic relevant to millions of people. Given all the press it's gotten across the pond, we can only hope that the message reaches the most important people — those who hold the power to pass the referendum.