Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make NY Mom Strip Naked And Try to Choke Son


Another day, another victim of the dangerous and powerful new street synthetic drug known as bath salts. The drug, which allegedly caused the Miami Memorial Weekend “zombie attack” as well other similar incidents across the nation, could be the cause why Pamela McCarthy – a mom from Munnsville, N.Y., was running naked behind her frightened 3-year-old son, “beating and chocking him.”

The shocking incident happened on June 12 when witnesses said McCarthy, who later died from a sudden cardiac arrest, was “punching and choking her son, attacking neighbors and even strangling one of her dogs.”

Police said 35-year-old McCarthy was “deranged,” and growling and trying to bite people. They added she was “violently combative” and seemed under the influence of bath salts. After resisting arrest and being pepper-sprayed, McCarthy was tasered and handcuffed.

She reportedly had the cardiac arrest while in custody, and was then taken to the hospital where she later died. Jason Williams, her boyfriend and father of the 3-year-old boy, said McCarthy had recently undergone heart surgery, which could have played a role the sudden cardiac arrest and her subsequent death. He also said his girlfriend had a history of drug abuse.  

Officials from New York state said bath salts’ use and popularity is growing across the state with potentially devastating effects, as its users “become a totally different person.” They also said authorities are scrambling to keep up with the use of increasingly new and complex narcotics, as some of these drug users have taken things "to a whole new level."