55 Stunning Twitter Photos from Space Show Just How Beautiful Earth Can Be


Reid Wiseman is a NASA astronaut currently floating around the International Space Station. He's been in orbit since late May, when he and his team launched into space as part of Expedition 40/41, the projects of which focus on biology and biotechnology, physical science investigations and educational activities, among others. 

He also happens to be in possession of one of the most incredible Twitter accounts in recent memory. 

He's made it his mission to bring the stunning sights usually only seen by a select few to a broad audience. From volcanoes to swirly Pacific Ocean currents, Wiseman has captured a wealth of amazing shots. And while the photos might not be quite as dazzling as the real thing, they come pretty close. 

Below is some of his best work from just this past summer: 

Some of them are meant to document life aboard the ISS:

 But most of them simply highlight the planet on which we live: 

He also posts Vines: 

Part of the fun is seeing how enthralled Wiseman himself seems to be — even though this is his job, he's still delighted by what he sees.

Wiseman and the rest of the crew will be in orbit until November 2014

Images via Reid Wiseman/Twitter