Intern at Microsoft or Google and You'll Walk Away With Some Pretty Crazy Swag


For better or worse, internships have become an almost avoidable part of college and post-college life. And while unpaid internships have some serious issues, the coveted paid positions come with a nice check and plenty of experience. 

But they also come with one more perk that's sure to make many job-seekers jealous: awesome swag. 

That's what one Redditor humblebragged about after an internship at Google:


That's a lot of pretty sweet stuff to walk away with after a summer internship. 

But not to be outdone, a former Microsoft intern had to top that with a humblebrag of their own as well:


Yes, that is a Zune. 

Of course, all the swag in the world can't make up for poor and exploitative working conditions, but big tech companies like these are flush with cash and their interns are well-compensated for their time. According to job evaluator Glassdoor, companies such as Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Google and Microsoft all pay their interns around $5,000 a month, while Facebook shells out more than $6,000.

Despite the questionable ethics surrounding unpaid internships, and the fact that they don't always deliver on the benefits they promise to justify the lack of compensation, nearly half of college-age interns don't get paid for their work, according to the Washington Post. To receive armfuls of swag on top of an actual paycheck — now that's living the dream.