Apple iPhone 5 and the 3 New Apple Products You Want and Need


With the release of new Apple products, many people are getting excited to spend money on what is considered one of the most important brands in technology. New MacBooks and iPads are only some of the things in store for Apple fans this year, but with some many different models and options deciding which new Apple product best fits your needs (and budget) can be a little bit overwhelming

That is why I'm offering this list of the three essential Apple products you can choose from (if you have to, you can also get the three of them for a perfect combo):

1. iPhone 5: 

Currently the most hyped up Apple product, with release slated sometime later this year, it is expected to be the best iPhone yet. Some have even said that Steve Jobs was working hard on the iPhone 5 project, though one will have to wait to see what those changes will be.

2. iPad 3:

The iPad 3 was recently released this past March and while there may be more exciting things from Apple besides the iPad, the sleek tablet really has a lot to offer. It was recently announced that Siri would be coming to the iPad 3 this summer. This, along with other features and apps is one of the many reasons to have an iPad.

3. MacBook Pro With Retina Display:

The new MacBook Pro with retina display only makes the computer more appealing to Apple fans. While it is slick and certainly a product which many Apple fans want, there are still some kinks which need to be addressed in order for people to want to buy it. Nonetheless, it is still the top in terms of laptops.