#AskHerMore Calls Out The Questions We Wish Reporters Would Ask Women at the Emmys


Red carpet segments for award shows are notorious for their incessant focus on appearances — it often seems that every comment is based on looks. But anyone who's ever watched one of these red carpet shows also knows that reporters' questions differ greatly between the genders. And a hashtag is here to make that difference known.

Men, for the most part, are asked about their work (with perhaps a glancing reference to their tuxedos) while women as asked about their outfits, nails, pregnancies, jewelry, shoes, friends and what's in their purse (because that's not invasive or anything).

Take this statement said to Sarah Silverman by Guilana Rancic, for instance:

Rancic also asked a pregnant Hayden Panettiere if she planned on decorating her nursey all in pink. Meanwhile, Ross Mathews asked Lena Dunham about her friendship with Taylor Swift and her change of hair color.

But when it came to Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory, things were different:

In response to the glaring differences, The Representation Project, an organization that aims to point out "injustices created by gender stereotypes," launched the #AskHerMore campaign to highlight women's accomplishments that aren't related to their looks. It asks people to use the hashtag to suggest questions that might be more worthwhile. (We imagine Cate Blanchett might have some ideas...) 

Although the campaign isn't new — it was also used during the 2014 Oscars — the group brought it out again for the Emmys with great responses. 

#AskHerMore is asking valuable questions — just like the ones women should be hearing as they walk down the red carpet.