Zombie Apocalypse Meets Resident Evil, Girls TV Finale, Adam Sandler in 'That's My Boy' and the 7 Must-Do Weekend Activities


It's already Friday afternoon, do you know what you're doing this weekend? If not, have no fear, here are seven suggestions that will keep your pop-culture juices flowing all the way through the weekend. 

1) Go to the movies 

Today's biggest release is the '80s musical Rock of Ages. The trailer makes it look like a lot of shirtless Tom Cruise, some feel-good Journey tunes, and Russell Brand struttin' it in a wild wig. 

 For the more indie set, Your Sister's Sister -- also released today -- gives us our dose of twisted family love triangles, and sad-people humor. And yes, I'll be seeing it. 

As for today's final big release, not sure I can codone this one, but if you haven't gotten your fill of Adam Sandler, his just-in-time-for-Father's-Day That's My Boy looks like classic Sandler humor to the max. The good news is this time he teams up with fellow SNL alum Andy Samberg. 

These types of movies give me nightmares, but I will admit that Milla Jovovich looks fierce. Resident Evil: Retribution (3D) won't be released until September but for those waiting with bated breath the trailer should suffice for now. 


3) Listen to a New Track

The second track off of Dirty Projectors' new album Swing Lo Magellan is here. The album won't be released until July 9, but their awesome new single "Dance For You" gives a taste of the sound. Listen below: 

4) Watch the Game ... or Games  

Sunday at 8 p.m. is Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Miami. Tune in to see if LeBron James will make this face: 

Earlier in the day on Sunday, the Netherlands plays Portugal, and Denmark plays Germany in the Euro Cup. 2:45 p.m. Be there. If your team is winning you will make this face a lot: 

5) See What All the 'Girls' Are Chatting About

HBO. Sunday night. 10 p.m. The Girls season finale means this epic first season is coming to a close. What will happen to Hannah and the pack? Is this a watershed show for our generation of ladies? I guess we'll have to watch to find out.


6) Tell America She's One Sexy Bitch 

If the amazon.com write-up doesn't get you excited I don't know what will. "She is a single, twentysomething, gun-loving, Christian, Republican writer and blogger, the daughter of a Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee. He is a married, forty-year-old, gun-fearing, atheist, Democrat comedian, the son of a lesbian former Social Security employee. Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black barely know each other. But they are about to change the way politics is discussed in America." America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom was released this week. Happy beach reading!

Don't stay too cooped up! Go play! Have fun. Enjoy the sunshine. Need some feel-like-a-kid tips? Here you go my friends